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MoovieLive powered by CyberLink is a social network website that lets you share your enthusiasm for movies and express your opinions, engage people in conversations and find friends who share common movie interests. MoovieLive is also a web 2.0 service site that works seamlessly with PowerDVD 8 and allows you to collaborate in building the biggest DVD disc database on the web. www.moovielive.com

Your Personal Profile
Signing up for an account at MoovieLive is absolutely free. The only information required to create an account is basic information such as email and a password. You can give additional information to make it easier to find friends with common interests. When browsing the MoovieLive website, you can click on anyone else's avatar to display information of the user's profile as well as their movie collection, remix collection and their friends' list.

PowerDVD 8 was designed with MoovieLovers in mind
Rating and reviewing in MoovieLive works seamlessly with PowerDVD 8: upon insertion of a DVD, PowerDVD 8 will display its MoovieLive Global Rating in the main window; and at the end of the movie, you can rate it and write a review. You can also use PowerDVD 8 to sync movie information with your MoovieLive account. The Movie Remix section of MoovieLive is also a perfect showroom of your creative talent. Remix files created with PowerDVD 8 can be uploaded to MoovieLive for other users to share. You can also download remix files to play on your version of PowerDVD 8.

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Rating and Reviewing Movies
MoovieLive allows you to rate and review movies you have watched. All user ratings are accumulated and averaged to give each movie its Global Rating.
Movie reviews are posted without limitations.

Collecting Your Favorite Movies
MoovieLive gives you a personal online movie collection. Within the movie collection, you can select your favorite movies or all movies you have watched and:

  • Record your personal experiences: how many times you have watched the movie, where, and when.
  • Indicate if you own the movie title.
  • At a glance, view your movie ratings and movie remixes.
  • Set options to make your collected movies public or keep certain titles private for your own personal collection.
    Public collection allows other MoovieLive users to browse a collection.

Sharing Your Movie Remixes
Movie Remixes are a fun way to recreate a movie on PowerDVD 8. The Movie Remix feature allows you to define which scenes of a movie PowerDVD 8 is going to play and in what order. It enables you to create new stories based on existing movies or to simply express your creativity and opinions in unconventional ways. Once your remix is created you can easily upload it from PowerDVD 8 to MoovieLive, where:

  • Each movie remix is associated to its creator as well as to original movie disc title.
  • You can choose names for your movie remixes and add short descriptions to your creations.
  • Other users can download movie remixes and watch them on PowerDVD 8*
  • You can rate movie remixes, post comments and add them to your collection.

Taking Part in the Action
MoovieLive's movie database is a wiki. The content is built and contributed to by its users. This database consists of two main parts - Disc Info and Movie Info.
Disc Info is all the information that can be retrieved automatically from a DVD. This includes DVD region, languages, length of the movie, video and audio specifications, etc. Disc info is retrieved with your permission.
Movie Info is what you can contribute, from the knowledge you have of a movie, like the name of the director, actors, actresses, screen writers, studios, genre, etc.

Improving Database Accuracy
MoovieLive enables you to edit the information you find incomplete or incorrect on the database.
In cases when MoovieLive displays the same movie twice, you can tell MoovieLive that they are actually the same movie.
If you speak more than one language, you can also help MoovieLive identify the same movie titles in different languages.

Making Friends
In the My Friends section, you can easily see your friends' latest activities, such as newly added movies, and match their ratings. If you have not yet rated the movie your friend is talking about, you can do so on the fly. In this section, you can also view reviews and movie remixes contributed by your friends.
When browsing the MoovieLive website, you can view others' profiles, including friends lists and hence move onward to getting to know more people. However, you can choose to keep certain friends private so that other users cannot view them.

Browser Requirements:

  • IE, or Firefox
  • Flash player 7 or above

* For this feature, it is necessary to own the corresponding DVD.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved. Copyright CyberLink Corp. 2007.

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