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Age: 67 
I'm from: CA , United States

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Ed, of Ed’s review was born in a small town in the steel country west of Pittsburgh in 1951. A child of the 60’s I graduated with 201 other kids in 1969 and we were the only ones who could legally wear the infamous 69 t-shirts that were the rage in the 60’s. I went to college for a couple years, spent 10 years working for my Dad in a flower shop as a florist and delivery guy. Then my life changed and I went into my real career, electronics, computers and IT. I worked for American Robot Corporation in Pittsburgh, then moved to the Los Angeles area to work in networking and email in the mid 80’s Currently I live next to Disneyland, my other great love besides movies, but before moving here I did a stint working for a large movie company headed by a mouse. I worked in IT, so my background was computers, not movies, but a bunch of unused miles on an old airlines frequent flyer program provided me with a subscription to a daily magazine called “Variety”. Armed with my daily commute to Burbank, and a daily copy of Variety for the train, I learned a lot about the movie industry and got fascinated by it. I've been a movie buff all my life, and have watched nearly 5,000 movies from NetFlix since 2001! I blog about movies just for fun.

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Favorite directors:
Hitchcock, Capra, Spielberg, Cameron, Scorsese, Howard
Favorite actors:
Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, and many, many more.
Favorite movies:
EVERY version of "A Christmas Carol",
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