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Baran bo Odar , Olten, Switzerland
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Baran bo Odar (born 18 April 1978) is a Swiss film director and screenwriter. His film Who Am I – No System Is Safe reached the top of the German cinema charts.
His childhood and youth spent Baran bo Odar in Erlangen , where he Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium visited. Odar studied from 1998 to 2006 the film school in Munich (HFF). The short film squeak which he filmed during his studies, was presented at the Berlinale published. His sixty minute graduation film Under the Sun was in 2006 for the film festival Max Ophüls Prize nominated.
After his studies, he initially worked on the production of commercials , music videos and short films . His feature film debut, he celebrated 2010 with The Silence , the first on the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Film Festival, was shown. This earned him a stir in 2011 by Variety as director you should observe.
Baran bo Odars film Who Am I - No System Is Safe was an unexpectedly big success and brought him to the attention of Hollywood. Warner Brothers acquired the rights to a remake of the film.
In summer 2015 he turned Sleepless , a remake of the French thriller Sleepless Night - Night of Vengeance ( Nuit blanche ), as his first film in the US. The action thriller with Jamie Foxx in the lead role was released in January 2017th After Sleepless he began work on Dark , the first in Germany for Netflix rotated series.
Baran bo Odar lives in Berlin .
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