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Josh James Brolin , California, U.S.
Alice Adair (1988–1992; divorced)
Diane Lane (2004–present)
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Josh James Brolin (pronounced /ˈbroʊlɨn/; born February 12, 1968) is an American actor. He has acted in theater, film and television roles since 1985, and won acting awards for his roles in the films W., No Country for Old Men, Milk and True Grit.
When he is not acting, Brolin is an active stock trader and is co-founder of the site MarketProbability.com.
Brolin wrote and directed the short film "X", as his directorial debut. The film, about an inmate who escapes prison to reunite with his daughter and search for her murdered mother, was the opening film at the first annual Union City International Film Festival in Union City, New Jersey in December 2010.
Josh Brolin was cast to play a younger Agent K in the upcoming Men in Black III set for release in May 2012.
Brolin has hosted Saturday Night Live twice; once in October of 2008, and another in April of 2012.
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By 911boss Posted on 2013-01-13 22:48:37.24

I think you are a great actor. I thought you were great in "No Country for Old Men".

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