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Richard Coyle

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UK
Georgia Mackenzie[1] (2004 - present) 2 children
Years Active
1998- present
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Richard Coyle (born 27 February 1972) is an English actor.Coyle was born in Sheffield, England. Coyle is the second youngest of 5 boys. Their father was a builder. He began his acting career after a stint working on a ferry entertaining passengers, where he was told by a theatre director that he had a talent and should pursue it further. He graduated in Languages and Philosophy from the University of York in 1995[4] and was then accepted into Bristol's prestigious Old Vic Theatre school, graduating in 1998, the same year as his close friends Dean Lennox Kelly and Oded Fehr.
Coyle was married to actress Georgia Mackenzie with whom he has a daughter, Purdy (b. 2008). He has been in a relationship with actress Ruth Bradley since early 2011.
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