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Susanne Elisabeth Wuest , Vienna, Austria
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Susanne Wuest started working at the prestigious “Volkstheater” in Vienna right after High School. Soon after, she gained international attention with a leading part in the feature “Antares”.  ‘Antares’ went on to become Austria’s submission for Best Foreign Language Academy Award in 2005, as did another film in 2015: „Goodnight Mommy“, which premiered at the Venice Filmfestival.

Some of the acclaimed directors she has worked with are Klaus Maria Brandauer, Wolfgang Becker, Olivier Assayas, Jessica Hausner, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Barbara Albert, Philip Groening and Pipilotti Rist.

On her fearless and extraordinary portrayals of women, the trade press writes: “You can easily imagine Susanne Wuest as the younger sister of Tilda Swinton: like her, she seems not to have any reservations, but rather to have the courage to set tasks for herself that are always new, sometimes difficult, certainly hard to calculate. What emerges, is, at any rate, exceptional and challenging.
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