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In Review Online (InRO) is the brainchild of freelance film critic Sam C. Mac, and began as his personal blog. The site has grown over the years, gaining a staff of full-time writers (including Film Editor Luke Gorham), and seeing participation from a cabal of frequent contributors. We've branched out to include coverage of current and older music releases as well (thanks to the hard work of Music Editor Jordan Cronk), and we run weekly columns on the subject of both film and music. As we continue to expand our horizons with each passing day we hope you'll follow us both here and on our own ever-evolving website.

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Favorite directors:
Robert Altman, Robert Bresson, Terrence Malick, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Luis Bunuel, Pedro Costa, Douglas Sirk.
Favorite movies:
"Au Hasard Balthazar," "Nashville," "Viridiana," "Imitation of Life," "Days of Heaven," "Killer of Sheep," "Eureka."
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